5 Tips to Help You Declutter Your Home

5 Tips to Help You Declutter Your Home


There’s nothing quite as disheartening as watching your house fill up with clutter, and it doesn’t matter whether you live in a small home with limited storage or a big home with tons of furniture. So, how do you keep your house organized?  In many cases, budgeting time to declutter is practically a must. 


Clutter is a grey area in the house staging world. On the one hand, a cluttered house can look messy and unkempt, like a messy room. On the other hand, a clutter-free house can look sterile and boring. The trick is to find a balance between the two. 


If you’re staging your house for buyers and want to get the smoothest sale or just want to freshen up your space, here are some great tips to get you started on your decluttering journey. 


  1. Tackle One Room At a Time


When a house needs a little TLC, people often get overwhelmed. They jump from task to task and end up with a cluttered house that needs even more TLC than before. There’s a better way. Get into the habit of decluttering one room at a time, and the rest will follow. When you focus on a single cluttered room and work your way around the house, it’s much less overwhelming than trying to do it all in one go. 


  1. Categorize the Clutter


With all the clutter in your house, it can be hard to remember what you own and where it is. This can make it difficult to declutter and to find exactly what you are looking for. Decluttering your rooms is a great way to get rid of clutter and make your home feel more organized. But, if your home is cluttered, then how can you find something quickly? Before you throw things in a closet, or donate them to charity, you need to categorize them first. Keep things organized by categorizing them into sections.


  1. Organize with Boxes


One of the best ways to declutter your life is to organize the things in your house with boxes. They will allow you to categorize items, give them a home, and keep them where they belong, so you can spend more time enjoying what you own, rather than running around collecting and trying to find things.


  1. Purge Unnecessary Clutter


When making the decision to declutter, it is important to remember that getting rid of items you don’t need is not a bad thing. When you consider the fact that your stuff is taking up space that could be used for another purpose, you’ll feel much better about the decision to sell or donate it. 


  1. Do a Deep Cleaning


When most people think of decluttering a home, they often think of getting rid of unnecessary items and donating or selling them. But what about cleaning up the areas that often get overlooked? A deep clean is the process of going through your home and thoroughly cleaning each room to prepare it for sale.