Whether you are downsizing or just deciding to try something new in life, minimalism can be a highly-rewarding practice. The basic tenets of minimalism are: simplicity, clarity and singleness. It gives you the freedom of not having to buy new things (possessions) or of duplicity. Your home is a great place to start practicing minimalism. Not only will it be more appealing to yourself (or buyers), it will be easier to clean and feel much less stressful.

1. Start by taking inventory

Take a good look around your current home and recognize what it is that makes you feel cluttered or cramped. Start by writing down areas in your home where you don’t feel cozy, refreshed or simplified.

2. Get some boxes ready

Whether you are moving or not, get some boxes ready labeled: donate, sell or trash. If you are having trouble parting with certain objects, put them in one of the boxes and leave it there for 30 days. If you really had no need to go and get it and you truly didn’t miss it, you won’t miss it for the rest of your life either.

3. Get rid of duplicates

There is really no reason to have two of anything and this is the simplest way to start purging. Get rid of anything that you already have one of, like kitchen tools, books, clothing and more.

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4. Declare clutter-free zones

What’s worse than wanting to sit down for a nicely-prepared meal and having no room at the table because of stuff? The same could be said for any other area in your home where things accumulate rending the original purpose invalid – countertops, bedside tables, and even storage areas. If your storage areas or cupboards are too full, you won’t be able to find what you need anyway, so don’t clutter them up either.

5. Decide on quality over quantity

While you may have hundreds (or even thousands) of beautiful photos of your grandson, how many do you really need posted in your home? Pick your absolute favourite and hang it up. Quality over quantity can be used in all areas of your home. Spend your money only on those things you absolutely love and that will last, not on cheap items from the dollar store that will break and because you can buy more of them.

6. Use simple design principals

To go truly minimalist, most of your décor and functional items should be plain: no bold colours or patterns for furniture, window treatments, decorations and floor coverings.

If you are selling your Collingwood home and want to make it as appealing as possible for potential buyers, minimalism could be the way to go.