While Sellers will always have personal objective to putting their house on the MLS® Collingwood Real Estate Market and setting their asking price, the process of negotiating the offers that come in can change these goals. It is always helpful for Sellers to work closely with their Collingwood real estate agents so that the best possible outcome can be achieved, regardless of the permutations that may arise along the way.

This can include having the seller and their agent draw up a draft of points that clarify outcomes in term of importance, but also delineate which factors are set in stone, and which may have some leeway when it comes to brokering the sale. A Seller who owns their home outright may have more negotiability in price, but not in speed of sale, while an owner who needs to cover the remainder mortgage on the property before moving may be more invested in the financial return out of necessity. When Sellers are able to articulate what is important to their Collingwood REALTOR®, they are more capable of getting the best deal based on this knowledge.

Once these factors have been outlined, the Seller is able to go over the offers with their Real Estate Agent, and consider the different terms that may make one more attractive than another. The price of a home is only one of the considerations that will be negotiated. Based on the overall goals, this can take into account points such as timing, closing deadlines and fees, appliance inclusions, and even property repairs along with the overall asking price. As the Seller examines these other parts of the offer, your Collingwood REALTOR® should also be able to guide the Seller in looking at the pros and cons of all offers.

Since it is in the Seller’s best interest to always look at any offer as valid, it will also be important to have a plan for counter offers. This will also be based on the seller’s objectives, and on what aspects of the sale truly are negotiable. With a good plan in place and proper communication, these negotiations may be handled smoothly and swiftly, so that all parties involved are satisfied.