Owners who are in the process of selling their Collingwood home can often be as focused on moving forward into a new property as they are about finalizing the sale of an existing home. This can lead to an overwhelming amount of details to keep track of and it is important that all aspects of both moving and selling are accounted for. Collingwood REALTORS® can afford guidance that will lead to an easier transference of residence, while legal representation can also take care of the minutiae which insures the sale is valid.

This can be helpful on a number of fronts. While Collingwood Real Estate Agents and legal aid will help the Seller with deadlines and contracts, the Seller can also be focused on some basic practical aspects that are necessary to move. One big consideration is with utilities. Sellers will want to be certain that usage for such things as power and water are all tallied to the appropriate resident, and coordinating final meter readings to correspond with the actual closing is a must. Even if the Seller has already moved out of their old home before a transfer of sale, utilities are left on to allow the property to be shown, and to ensure that the home itself can be maintained.

Many of the aspects of closing can be handled in advance of the transfer of deeds. This can include signing documentation after negotiations have been finalized and preparing titles for sale. Legal aid will often keep track of these items, but Sellers should always retain their own copies in case of any changes.

While many Buyers will go through and change locks with their new ownership, handing over the old keys is still an important and symbolic aspect for both parties. Along with titles and deeds, the keys at as a final step in letting go of one space, and moving forward into another.