Whether you are trying to make your home a more beautiful and aesthetically-appealing environment or you are working on the home-staging process, houseplants are an excellent addition that should not be overlooked. Indoor plants not only add some greenery and colour to the inside of your home, but they boast many health benefits as well. Studies show certain plants remove toxins in the air, helping your family members stay healthy. These plants can also improve your mood and make you feel more calm and relaxed.

Here are several houseplants you should consider placing throughout your home’s interior.

Peace Lily

If you want to add some colour to your indoor space, the Peace Lily is an excellent option. This plant adds rich greenery and beautiful white flowers. It also is one of the best plants for improving the air quality throughout your home. It can reduce mold spores in your home by absorbing them and using them as food. This makes this plant ideal in moist rooms such as bathrooms.


Pothos house plant

If you lack a green thumb and are nervous about growing indoor plants, the pothos is an excellent starting point. This is a tolerable and forgiving plant. It can last several days without any water and care. It also doesn’t need direct sunlight, making it an excellent addition for a low-light room that desperately needs a little colour.

Snake Plant

Snake plant

The snake plant is an excellent option if you are looking to add some texture and contrast to your home. This plant can grow tall and features narrow leaves. It is another house plant that helps to purify the air and it releases oxygen to improve the room’s air quality even more. Even better, this is also a low maintenance house plant, making it ideal for individuals who may travel regularly or who often neglect their plants.


Fern house plant

Another popular houseplant that you may consider for your own Collingwood home is the fern. These are very lush and full plants. They feature thick, green leaves that can brighten up any area in the home. One of the advantages of this houseplant is it increases the humidity in the home. This means for those who have dry skin or like more humid living environments, this plant is ideal. Keep in mind, however, that this plant does require a little more care than others on our list.

If you are looking for other ideas to spruce up your home or for home-staging tips, talk to Collingwood real estate agent Christine Smith. Her experience and knowledge can help you turn your home into a place that instantly makes an impression on potential buyers.