Marketing people know that the secret to selling people things is that you need to get into their heads. You need to think like your audience and deliver them what you want. When you are selling your home, this means you need to think like a buyer. How do you do it? Read on and find out…

Stop thinking like a seller

Well, the first step to thinking like a buyer is to stop thinking like a seller. Stop dreaming about how you are going to spend the money you make on your home or about the home you are going to buy when you sell yours. You basically want to stop concentrating on what it is you want and give the buyer what they want.

Know who your buyer is

The first way to start thinking like a buyer is to know who they are. While you may be an empty nest couple selling your home, your buyer may be a new family with small children. Your home should reflect a home where they can live, not where you want to live. Get rid of items that make your home feel dated and try to update as much as you can without going over budget. Tailor your home to your average buyer’s wants and needs, whether it is a single, couple, family or retirees.

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Start looking at other homes

Spend a weekend looking at other homes for sale in your area. What features really stand out about these homes and what turned you off? Go back to your home and think with the same vantage point. When you walk through your front door, are you pleased with what you see? Do you notice things that you hadn’t noticed before simply because you can compare what other homes have that you don’t? If you can, figure out how to make the changes and make your home more appealing to buyers.

Take a second look at your house

After you’ve made the home more appealing, look even closer at the little things in your homes that will inevitably stick out to buyers. That ripped screen may not bother you that much, but buyers may see it as you not maintaining your home well. Go over your home with a fine-tooth comb and fix those little annoyances that buyers will nitpick about.

Selling your Collingwood home will be easy if you can think like a buyer and give them exactly what they want. Call me for more information.