How to Use a Pizza Stone for Making Homemade Pizza

Pizza stones are a must-have for turning out crispy crusts when making pizza, or any other baked goods that require a slight amount of baking time. Made from a combination of materials such as ceramic and stone, pizza stones retain heat and resist warping when in use. With a pizza stone and a little effort, you can make some great-tasting pizzas at home. 

Pizza stones come in different sizes; while the larger ones are suitable for making thicker crusts, smaller stones work well with thin crusts. You can also find pre-made diamond-shaped stones that fit inside your oven, taking up very little space in your kitchen.

Get creative with your toppings. Whatever you like on your pizza, you can use. Choose a dough and sauce recipe and follow the steps for making homemade pizza. While many recipes call for letting the dough rise before shaping it, use the pizza stone method as an opportunity to avoid yeast and let your crust rise as it will in the oven. 

Here are the steps to making homemade pizza with a pizza stone:

  1. Preheat your oven at least 45 minutes before you want to bake.
  2. Cover your pizza stone with aluminum foil, shiny side out. Put the stone on the very bottom rack of your oven; this will ensure that it gets extremely hot. You can also put some cornmeal onto the foil before putting down the dough for extra flavor and a crisper crust.
  3. Roll out a ball of dough on a floured surface to the desired thickness, usually about 1/4-inch thick. If you’re using a pizza stone, it is helpful to roll the dough into a round shape before putting on your toppings so that it fits on top after baking. Transfer your rolled or stretched dough onto a pizza peel (a flat shovel-like utensil) and let it rest for 5 minutes.
  4. Put your pizza in the oven by sliding the entire contraption onto the stone, which you’ve preheated for 45-60 minutes.
  5. Bake for around 8 minutes if using raw toppings such as vegetables or meat or for around 10-12 minutes if using a precooked topping such as cheese.
  6. Remove pizza from the oven and enjoy!

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