Moving to a new home in Collingwood or even across the country can be exhausting, stressful, and time-consuming. It is a major project that requires a lot of supplies, work, and energy. However, by implementing the following tips, you’ll find this entire process is easy and fast. Here are a few packing hacks you should consider to make your Collingwood move less stressful.

Start Early

The most important thing to do when moving to a new home is to start the packing process early. This will not only save you many headaches, but you will be less likely to burn out.

Use Lots of Plastic Wrap

You don’t have to place every item you own inside a box. Dresser drawers, drawer organizers, etc., can be extremely fast and simple to move with the help of plastic wrap. Keep all of your belongings in these drawers and organizers and just wrap around them with the plastic wrap.

Color-Code Your Rooms

Assign each room in your home a color. As you pack, try to keep all items that go in the same room in the same boxes. Once these boxes are filled, mark them with colored tape that corresponds to the room. When unpacking, you can place the boxes into each of the coordinating rooms, making it easier to find items and settle into your new home faster.

Pack an Overnight Box

As you pack, put all items you would need when you first move into your home in one box. This can include essentials such as towels, soap, one set of bed linens, scissors, some tools, a few dishes, etc. This prevents searching through boxes when you first arrive at your new home and gives you a little more time to unpack and organize yourself.

Use Towels, Clothes, and Sheets as Packing Paper

Packing supplies can add up and hurt your moving budget. One way to keep your moving costs low is to use soft fabrics such as towels, t-shirts, sheets, etc., to wrap fragile items. These can be excellent items for wrapping dishes, picture frames, knick-knacks, and more.

Moving can be a long, overwhelming process but by implementing the above few tips, you can make the process a little easier, faster, and real estate agent Christine Smith today.