Spring is a busy time of the year for the Collingwood real estate market, whether you are buying or selling. The beautiful weather starts to bring out homebuyers who are happily looking for new homes in Collingwood. This is great for sellers, as long as they have their homes ready for the spring buyers. Here are several tips to get your home ready for that spring market!

Finding the Right Collingwood REALTOR® — You should start interviewing potential REALTORS® as soon as possible. There is no substitute for a great Collingwood real estate expert. Good REALTORS® will provide you with advice on staging, help you find the right price for your home and market your home effectively to prospective buyers. Look online at agents in the Collingwood area. Read the testimonials and ask your friends and family for recommendations.

Rule of thumb is to interview at least two Collingwood Real Estate agents before you list.

Set the Right Price — This is sometimes the most difficult aspect of selling your home. It is important not to overprice your home as it will not sell and turn off buyers. You will most likely have a personal bias about how wonderful your property is, but you need to compare it to recent sales in you’re the Collingwood area to determine the right price. Your REALTOR® will provide a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to help you find the right price range for your home.

Start Packing — It’s a good idea to start packing your non-necessary and personal items before your house is listed. One reason is that you will not have as much to pack later when the house is sold, but also it will help remove extra things that can distract home buyers.

Make the Repairs — Everyone has a few little “issues” they’ve just not gotten around to repairing yet. This is the time to make those repairs. The last thing you want is for buyers to have the upper hand. A buyer that points out repairs that are required will offer a lower price.

Remove Clutter — You want to present your home in the best light possible so buyers can picture themselves living in your place. Remove personal items such as family photos, fridge art, mail, magazines etc. and keep your home as neat as possible.

Tackle the House Cleaning — Complete a serious and thorough cleaning throughout your home, making sure all your surfaces gleam. Once you do a one-time thorough cleaning, it will easier to keep up in the months ahead.

Improve Curb Appeal — Make sure that the first impression of your home is a great one. Clean up flower beds and planters, prune trees and hedges, repair decks and window trims to make your home look inviting.

Prepare for the Collingwood real estate market this Spring

With a little work and a solid plan, you have the opportunity to get your home ready for the spring Collingwood real estate market and potentially sell your home quickly and for top dollar.