If you are getting ready to retire, you may be thinking about downsizing and had your sights on purchasing a waterfront condo in Collingwood for the longest time — now that you have reached your golden years, it usually makes sense to move into a smaller, more efficient Waterfront condo in Collingwood than to keep living in that five bedroom house. While downsizing may seem impossible, these six tips that will help you reach your goal.

The Six-Month Rule

If you are finding it hard to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of, stick to the six-month rule — if you have not used an item within half of a year, you probably do not need it. Seasonal items are not used as much, but if you have not used them within a year or two, it is safe to get rid of them.

Measure Twice

Measure your furniture, your current room sizes and your future room sizes. After you have done that, do it again. Nothing’s worse than wrestling with your heavy sofa for hours on end to find out that it will not fit in your new living room after all.

Pre-Arrange Big Items

Once you know where your new home is going to be, get the floor plan or draw one up yourself. Use measurements from your furniture and other big items to figure out where you are going to put things. If it looks crowded on paper, it will probably look even more crowded in person, so make sure your plans look okay before you decide to hire a mover or move everything yourself.

Get with the Times

With all the new technology coming out, it is easy to transfer almost all of your physical media to electronic form. While you might want to keep your all-time favorite books and movies in physical form, you can put most of your reading material on an e-book reader and most of your movies on a computer or external hard drive.

Multiples Multiply Headaches

Yes, you need to have a soup ladle, but you do not need five of them. If you have more than one of the same item, consider getting rid of the multiples. You will probably find that your kitchen is the biggest culprit as far as multiples go, but you may also find that you have three tops that are very similar in colour and style or four laundry baskets even though you only do one load at a time.

Use your Resources

If you are moving to Collingwood Ontario which has a great library, plan to use it instead of bringing all of your books and movies with you. If you are going to have a gym virtually next-door and can afford a membership, it may be time to give away your home gym equipment.

Do not forget to use the biggest resource of all when dealing with Collingwood and real estate — hire a local Collingwood REALTOR® with local condominium experience can be an invaluable resource when downsizing, so be sure to get in touch with Christine Smith before you make that leap.

In Summary

Moving is hard enough, but downsizing is even harder. By following these six downsizing tips, though, you should be able to pare down your belongings so that you will be able to live comfortably in your new Collingwood waterfront condo during the best years of your life.