Located at the southern end of Georgian Bay, Wasaga Beach is known as the longest freshwater beach in the world. Although this fact may not seem too important when planning your next vacation, you may wish to rethink this. What exactly is fresh water? Well, quite frankly, it means that you will be swimming in the cleanest, freshest water around. As parents, we all want to be sure that our children are safe at all times. Especially when they are swimming in a lake, ocean, or stream, you want to know that it is free from chemicals and other nasty elements. Well, Wasaga Beach is that beach!

Wasaga Beach is that clean body of water that you simply cannot pass up when planning your next weekend getaway. The entire length of the beach is less than nine miles long. It is located on the waters of Nottawasaga Bay, and the beach is divided into six sections. Just imagine floating on your back in the water, looking upwards, and viewing magnificent mountain ranges across the bay? Picture this scene-miles and miles of white, sandy beaches and a warm, summer breeze. You can almost feel the sand between your toes. Wasaga Beach is home to thousands of tourists each year. They fall in love and always return again and again.