While many neighbourhoods come in a large range in design plans, the homes in the Blue Mountains sport a distinct architectural design — this is what makes these homes and chalets appealing to so many buyers that are looking to buy a property in the Blue Mountains area. It can be very important for sellers to consider this for their property, in order to highlight these unique points while courting potential buyers. Although some structural flourishes are limited to certain facets of the home, others can be a part of the overall design.

Both newer and older construction relies upon architectural aesthetic, and an understanding of how to sell these facets will also help to sell your home in the Blue Mountains faster. For more generic structures, some of the following points are ideal architectural incorporations to highlight.

  • Windows — while natural lighting is always in demand, the actual look and placement of the windows can aid in selling a home. Features such as dormers, oriel windows, stained glass inlays, and sky lights are all good selling points that appeal to buyers.
  • Porches and balconies — sellers need to remember that outdoors within the Blue Mountains is as important as the actual structure and floor plan of the dwelling. These design features can greatly appeal to families and give a nostalgic touch to the property.
  • Roof structure — the slope of the roof as well as different roof levels are also individual features that hold great appeal. These design factors should also be highlighted, as they can often dictate the look of the entire home, especially in newer construction.

Overall architecture for a home can also be a strong selling point. With the help of a REALTOR®, many sellers are able to build their home in a specific style, and this will appeal to buyers who are conducting cursory searches for a new home. Some area styles that are particularly good for attracting buyers in the Blue Mountains include.

  • Colonial and Modern Colonial
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Alpine / Ski Chalet
  • Seaside Bungalow

By being able to distinguish the architectural features of a home that can establish it in these categories, sellers will be better able to appeal to niche markets such as the Blue Mountains, which can speed the movement of the home. This is because buyers are able to relate to the familiarity and the draw of the architectural style, before they even view the home. The result is that the seller already has a jump start for attracting new owners, while buyers can narrow down choices to the most appealing architectural design.