Getting your foot on the property ladder is a major milestone in life. Of course, it represents an exciting time for you and your family, but it should not be rushed into. By getting the right advice from a trusted REALTOR® and taking certain things into consideration, you can make sure that you get the right deal on your first home.

To own a Home or Rent

Owning a home and the process of buying a home is far more stressful than renting. Mortgage payments, maintenance costs and other responsibilities can become a constant source of irritation for homeowners, but most people agree that the advantages to owning outweigh the disadvantages. Here are a few tips and advantages for First-time Buyers.

Saving Money: When viewed over a long period of time, owning your home is far cheaper than renting. When you rent you are paying a fixed amount over an indefinite period, whereas if you are paying a mortgage you are gradually building up your equity.

Investment: The property market has its ups and downs like any other market, but it is still the case that property represents a sound financial investment and one that could pay dividends in the future.

Improved security: Becoming a homeowner is an important step on the road to independence and security. This is particularly important if you – like many homeowners – are thinking of starting a family in the near future.

Your own space: People who rent their home are extremely limited by what they can do in terms of decoration, renovation or even pet ownership. Such limitations do not apply to homeowners.

Personal satisfaction: Owning your own home is a genuine achievement, particularly in this day and age. Experiencing this rite of passage will give you a deserved feeling of pride in yourself.

Getting your First Home Mortgage

In order to get a mortgage you must find out if you qualify to own. Visit a bank, a lending institution or a mortgage broker and permit them to carry out credit check and a financial analysis.

The fact is, many people who believe they are not qualified to own their own home actually are. Do not be one of these people; get checked and get on the property ladder. Once you have this done, contact Christine Smith and she will help guide you through the first-time home buying process.