Selling Real Estate in Collingwood is not something that the average homeowner should consider without some help. Let’s face it, selling real estate is not every bodies “cup of tea”. Making the decision to hire the best local Collingwood Real Estate Agent is crucial in getting the best price for your home.

Here are some points to consider when deciding on the right Collingwood Agent to sell your property.

1. Interview more than one Real Estate Agent

Talk to 2 or 3 agents in the Collingwood and Southern Georgian Bay area and ask them questions about how they would plan to sell your Collingwood Property. Ensure the REALTOR® and their Real Estate Brokerage are members of the Southern Georgian Bay Association of REALTORS®.

You hope to have a good working relationship with your Real Estate Agent, so be sure you choose a Real Estate Agent who commits to giving you the services you need to sell your house. Feeling comfortable with your Real Estate Agent will go a long way towards a successful outcome, however, be cautious about retaining a friend or family member since sometimes that personal connection can get in the way of making a good business decision.

2. Considerations in Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Always at the top of the list is to consider the asking price the REALTOR® proposes for your Collingwood property. That price should be established by your REALTOR® providing examples of recent real estate sales in the Collingwood area of similar properties.The highest asking price is not always the best price. An asking price that is not competitive with other similar Collingwood properties will result in your home for sale being overlooked.

Ask your real estate agent to provide you with their current listings and ensure that the agent has expertise in the type of property you are selling. Review the Real Estate Agent’s Homes for Sale and consider whether their listings are of a similar type to yours.

Many Real Estate Agents specialize, so if you are selling a waterfront condo, acreage, a farm, or a single family home, try to find a Collingwood Real Estate Agent who specializes in that particular type of real estate.

Another consideration is the agent’s list-price-to-selling-price ratio. The closer that is to 100%, the closer that agent’s asking price is to their selling price.

Ask how your prospective agent will advertise your property, whether in newspapers, the Multiple Listing Service – MLS®, their realty web site, neighbourhood postcards or through open houses?

Ask for references from past clients and ask them whether they received the service they expected.

Finally, discuss commission. In Ontario 5% is considered an average but there is often room for negotiation. For instance, if the buyer is not represented by another real estate agent, the commission should be reduced, since your agent does not have to split the commission. If there is a bidding war for properties similar to yours, the property should be easier to sell and a rate reduction should be in order. If the market is slow in the area, then don’t expect a reduction.

3. You Get What You Pay For

Your Collingwood Real Estate Agent does not receive the total commission, but must pay their Brokerage a fee for their services and share the commission with the buyer’s agent, if they have one. Your home for sale in Collingwood is likely one of your most valuable assets. If a 3% Real Estate Commission is negotiated to sell it, don’t expect the same level of service that you would receive if you were paying 5% or 6% to sell your home. The result could likely be a substantially lower selling price.