You have put a lot of time, effort and hard-earned cash into preparing your home for sale, so why waste all of that by failing to stage it appropriately? When Buyers come to view your home during open houses and showings, they need to see your property in its best light. Ensure that this is exactly what happens to sell your home for a quicker sale.

When staging & showcasing your home – a few things to remember.

Make yourself scarce – Buyers need to feel like they can speak freely. If you are hanging around, they will not be able to do so and may be put off.

Let the light shine in – everyone loves an airy, well lit home, so make sure you showcase the natural light by opening drapes and curtains. You may also want to highlight certain areas of the house with internal lighting.

Set the mood – the psychology of music is incredibly powerful. Play some soothing music and give your potential Buyers a great impression of your home. This also works with colours; try incorporating brightly coloured details like scatter cushions and ornaments to provide a striking effect.

Make use of the space – everyone knows mirrors make a room feel larger, so use these to your advantage. Also, open any internal doors to give the impression of more space. If possible, do the same with the windows, giving an airy, fresh and welcoming impression for your visitors.

De-clutter – functioning homes get cluttered, this is a fact, but your viewers do not need to see this when they come round. Tidy up and make sure that the space is clean, a tidy and ready home makes it easier for Buyers to project your home as theirs.

Keep it around the clock clean – the same goes for cleaning. Take out the trash and make sure your home is spotless to avoid turning off any interested parties. Keep all pets out of the way and make sure any lingering pet odours are not present.

Treat Homebuyers like Guests – leave fresh flowers out for your guests, bake some cookies and leave a note inviting them to help themselves. These little touches will go a long-long way.

Remember the Golden Window – do not let your listing go stale. Christine will invite potential Buyers to view your property during the first few weeks after your property gets listed. This is known as the “Golden Window” and is a prime time to securing that sale.