You would not buy a product in a shop if it was not ready, so you should not expect a Buyer to invest in your property if it is not ready. The key is to achieve the best deal for your house in a cost-effective manner. That means picking and choosing the right home improvements that will lead to a fast and secure sale.

Here is how …

Prioritize your Home Renovations

In an ideal world, you would renovate your whole house and get an incredible price for your property. Unfortunately, the constraints of time, money and effort render this approach impossible. However, by prioritizing your home renovations before selling, you can develop the areas of your house that are most important to a Buyer and end up making a profit from your upgrade efforts.

Your Kitchen: More often than not, great houses are let down by sub-standard kitchens. Many balk at the idea of renovating their kitchen prior to a sale, but an updated kitchen is often high on a Buyer’s wish list.

Your Bathrooms: It is a similar story when it comes to your bathrooms. Buyers place high value on an updated and freshly renovated bathroom, so do your best to make sure that yours is as enticing as possible.

Energy Saving Additions: The lure of a low energy bill is difficult to resist, so invest in making your home energy efficient in order to attract Buyers.

Upgrades and Repairs – Inexpensive ways to increase value

Considerably less expensive than a full-scale renovation project, upgrades and repairs to your home can still make a positive difference to the value of your home. Go through your house and note down what needs upgrading or repairing, then set aside some of your budget to make these projects happen. The boost that this will provide to your home’s value will make it worthwhile to Buyers.

Get your Home Organized

No one wants to move into a property that looks like it has been abandoned. In order to give Buyers an impression of what the property is like to live in, you need to do those little things that matter to give your house that “homey” touch. Organization is vital to achieving this. Go through your house once again and note down areas which need improvement, then augment their appeal with comforting but neutral touches.